Saturday, March 8, 2008

Animal Collective - Feels (2005)

I am posting this just to prove how sharp I am. This is AC's love album, and it's really, really effin good. "Purple Bottle," while probably overplayed, is, imo, the greatest love song ever written next to "God Only Knows." Which brings me to this... I have hypothesized why AC named this album "Feels."

People had been saying that there were Beach Boys influences throughout AC's career up to this album, but they were more veiled previously. Here, however, Brian Wilson is everywhere - even in the title. From page 15 of the booklet from the 2001 reissue of "Pet Sounds," Wilson describes his method of coming up with tunes: I go to the piano and play 'feels.' 'Feels' are specific rhythm patterns, fragments or ideas. Once they're out of my head and into the open air, I can see them and touch them firmly. Then the song starts to blossom and become a real thing.

Has no one else ever noticed this?

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Art Union said...

muchas gracias. Conocí a este genial grupo por el disco de Merriweather Post Pavilion, ahora ando en un recorrido de su discografía.

saludos lisérgicos¡¡¡