Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Dan Deacon Post

Went to see Dan Deacon with Girl Talk at the Metro, and the line was waaay around the block, freezing dead of winter. Gf said it was longer for Deacon than for Wu-Tang. heh. Wait was worth it, because the show was incredible. Dan Deacon had us in a worm line with people's arms steepled up, doing Soul Train-esque dances underneath. Hopefully you understand that... We to the merch store a little before Girl Talk wrapped up to get a T-Shirt, and who was walking in just then? Yeah. He signed my tee, with an all-seeing eye in a pyramid, with 2012 beneath, and a butt-crack where my butt-crack is. Super nice dude, so I'm going to pirate his music. Roflcopter!

Dan Deacon - Spiderman Of The Rings . Download - Mediafire

Dan Deacon - Acorn Master . Download: Mediafire

Dan Deacon - Twacky Cats . Download: Mediafire

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Exit said...

love ya for thi one:*:*:*:*