Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gang Gang Dance x 5

ME : I'm tired and my stomach hurts. I really want to read but work was terrible, and I don't think my brain is functioning enough to successfully interpret intelligent thought typed on pieces of paper bound together.

YOU : Fuck you, Justin, post some sweet music.

ME : Ok

Gang Gang Dance is basically the shit. If you were in Alice In Wonderland, climbing a steep spiraling staircase into an astral projection of the guts of fireworks, you'd be at the heart of their sound. If you are a fan of groups like Excepter, well, you probably are already a fan. I don't know, though. GGD is superior to Excepter in my humble opinion. Like surfing the crest of a mystical wave. Hyperbole is THE BEST.

I hope yr happy.

God's Money. Mediafire

Retina Riddim (music disc only) Mediafire

Revival Of The Shittiest Mediafire

Rawwar Mediafire

Hillulah Mediafire

Monday, July 14, 2008

Dennis Wilson - Pacific Ocean Blue (1977/2008)

This is the one I'm excited to bring to you. Shit I love the Beach Boys. I found some bootleg of the o.g. version of Smile on vinyl the other day, then this was re-issued, with way awesome extras. So Dennis was the drummer, the surfer, the player, the alcoholic, who very few thought any anything other than those qualities in him. Little did they know he would churn out on of the best post-Pet Sounds Beach Boys albums in their cannon. Dennis, who was also the member that was hanging out with Charles Manson for a short period before the Tate murder (and ripped off one of Manson's songs for 20/20, "Never Learn Not to Love", which is also known as "Cease To Exist"), was never classically trained on a piano, rather felt his way around, composing songs. This is the result. It's amazing; somewhere between Smiley Smile, White Album-era Beatles, Bee Gee's first record, a fusion of late 70's CTI and ECM jazz/pop records, with a small dash of Dark Side Of The Moon (you will undoubtedly say I misdiagnosed it, but whatever). Get it, listen. The second disc is chalk full of outtakes from his would-be second album, Bambu (not Bamboo).

Download: Mediafire Disc 1 (Pacific Ocean Blue) | Disc 2 (Bambu outtakes)

Jeremy Enigk - Return Of The Frog Queen (1996)

Dude from Sunny Day Real Estate. This is from, iirc, a period in his life where he locked himself in a room for like a year or something to meditate or pray and try to figure stuff out. Supposedly it's about God, but in that underlying way which many artists choose to express themselves on that matter. His singing style travels from gentle to screeching - not in a super-emo (though partly emo) way, rather very melodic, with swift tempo changes over something between plain acoustic and Jon Brion-esque production. My guy at the record store considers this a top 3 all time album. 320 bit rate.

Download: Mediafire

Le Tigre x3

Someone asked for more Le Tigre, and how could I refuse? Basically it's lo-fi-pseudo-dance music for feminists. They used drum machines, guitars, and synths, I think. They peaked on their self-titled debut, and everything else was good, but not great. They quickly defused, as the main singer chick could never keep a band going for very long.

From The Desk of Mr. Lady EP. Download: Mediafire

Feminist Sweepstakes. Download: Mediafire

Self-Titled. Download: Mediafire

Kria Brekkan - Wildering 7" Re-Up

Hopefully this works better!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tyrannosaurus Rex - A Beard Of Stars (1970)

Another classic psych rock record from the dude that would later become glam rocker T.Rex. I posted about "My People Were Fair" a while back, and I sincerely hope you all got that, because it's one of my favorites of all time. This isn't nearly as prolific, but it's still worth yr time.

Download: Mediafire

Brian Eno - Here Come The Warm Jets (1974)

Baby's on fire, better throw her in the water. This is almost pre-shoegaze post-punk or something. Good campfire ghost-story music, but no Cub Scouts, just you and a gang of the midgets from Dylan's "Ballad Of A Thin Man." That may be over-exaggerating, but not by much.

Download: Mediafire

Ride - Smile (1990)

Shoegaze classic? I think so. That classic honey smothered sound, roller-coaster vox, and jazz meets rock drums. Someone hand me a Vicodin.

Download: Mediafire

Pit Er Pat - Emergency (2004)

I posted about Pit Er Pat's last album, Pyramids, a while ago. I LOVED that ish. So frighteningly calm. Come to find out they had albums before Pyramids. This is one of those, a song EP that stands abrasively different than said album. It's like Pyramids meets Pretty Girls Make Graves meets acid jazz? It's real good when it gets slow, which is rare here, and when it's fast it's just kind of bizarre, with little vocals. If that piques yr interest, go for it. It's the same band, though. Trust me.

Download: Mediafire

Camp Lo - Uptown Saturday Night (1997)

This is some smooth shit here, mang. Hard to really pin it down other than a super galactical, smoothed-out, coked-up version of "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx" if Rae and Ghost were only describing the celebrations between drug deals. Their flows/voices are similar to Clipse, really, but the listener is left guessing about which they are talking, more often than not. But it sounds good. Interesting note about this is that, if you cross-reference this with Jay-Z's debut, Reasonable Doubt, you will hear a similarity in sound. Reason being is that Hov actually stole a few beats that were meant for this, overpaid the producers, then put them on his record, launching a "hundred-million dollar" career.

Download: Mediafire

Le Tigre - Remix (2001)

This is a cd that I stumbled upon during a trip to Reckless Records a couple years back or so. It was on Le Tigre's original label, and, iirc, this is one that hasn't been reissued since they changed distributors. I'm a big fan of these gals (plus maybe dude), and while this is only a remix EP - and a kitchy one at that - it plays a nice role in their discography. A DFA remix of Deceptacon is among the 6 songs here.

Download: Mediafire

demos again.

got some music coming shortly, but in the mean time, allow me to reintroduce myself...

i posted something a couple months back about accepting demos for artists that think they can keep up with the type of material i believe in enough to post at this hurr goldenhymn blog, and that, if they did in fact live up to, or at least have the potential of these acts, i would post a link to yr music to be downloaded and give more exposure to the people in the underground doing their little thug thizzle.

gutz, are you tough enough?

email me : somanywheelchairs(at)gmail(dot)com

if you have emailed me in the past (there were many of you, some of whom i got a chance to respond to), i will be going back through a good portion of yr work soon. my hope is to feature one artist/group per time on a designated day each week. DO NOT put a link or tell me of yr interest in a comment to this post. if you aren't an artist and think it's a cool idea, or have a funny phrase you think i should name the section, please, feel free to comment here. IF YOU ARE AN ARTIST and don't email me directly you are an idiot and automatically disqualified because you didn't pay attention past the first paragraph. sorry to be a dick, but really, i'm not being a dick. :)

hope to hear yr music. truly and honestly.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Kria Brekkan - Wildering 7"

So Mrs. Avey Tare feels (no pun intended) bad for that aborted fetus of an idea that was taking the final mix of what was a very good album and playing it backwards before releasing it for the masses. She was good on her own right while with Mum, and redeems herself with this 7"

Download: Mediafire

Okay - High Road / Low Road (2004)

Okay has the album-of-the-so-far-year with Huggable Dust, and these (this?) are his other two albums, which is more like a double album. Some people get annoyed by his voice, which sounds somewhere between the soft-coo of Will Oldham and the high pitch nasal tone of B-Real of Cypress Hill. Personally, I think it's pretty bitchin'. The music is largely acoustic, with lyrics that remind me of Person Pitch. So, yeah, people that liked Panda Bear's last two albums will like him, if not you probably won't (though I won't completely write off yr bad taste). Interesting fact is that Okay (Marty Anderson in real life) is bed stricken with Chrones (sp) disease, which also effects Why?. Had no idea that disease was so serious. :(

Download: High Road. Mediafire
Download: Low Road. Mediafire

DJ Screw - Codiene Fiend (1995)

This is the guy, from Houston, that started the 'chopped and screwed' slowed-down-for-syzzurp-drinkers remixes that is wildly popular. Purple drank is Codeine and some other crap that's basically drinkable liquid heroin. This is the only mix of his I've found, and it's just an interesting mixtape of many of the best songs from '95, including 'All I Need' by Method Man, the good version of 'One More Chance' by BIG, and many others. I guess yr supposed to get fucked the fuck up and listen to this, but it's relevant either way.

Download: Mediafire

Nas - Untitled (2008)

Hey, Nas... stop ripping me off! Seriously, my homie and I did a song once called 'Kill Yr Television.' It was pretty good. Nas did a song called 'Sly Fox,' and it's basically the same thing. I had a phrase that said something about 'start to think outside the idiot box/ five big bad wolves got the cinema locked...' to which Nas says something about 'locked by the idiot box.' Am I stretching? Nah. The beat trudges along like the one on our song too. Not sure if it's still up on our myspace page or not, but if not, I'll probably have to upload it.

Anyhow, I'm proud of Nas, 'Sly Fox' notwithstanding. This, not Stillmatic, is his best work since that classic debut so long ago. He is ALWAYS better when he gets political, and that's what we have here. He is working with more commercially viable producers also, which may sound like a bad combo, but Nas' weakness was always choosing beats that fit his style (post Illmatic of course). He did well here.

Download: Mediafire

Pocahaunted x3

I love these ladies. And, judging by previous download numbers for the first set of albums posted, so do you! We go so well together. Island Diamonds is amazing. They got a drummer and made some blissed-out, shoegaze-dance ?! Mirror Mics is new, and Peyote Road, iirc, is the one before Island Diamonds. You should have all of these. You do, you die. You don't, you die stupidly.

Download: Island Diamonds. Mediafire
Download: Mirror Mics. Mediafire
Download: Peyote Road. Mediafire

CSS - Donkey (2008)

I genuinely liked CSS' first album, that Diplo-found drenched neo-synth-disco. The girl singer is neither a good songwriter (though a few are, i guess, interesting), nor singer, but she has that intangible spunk. Haven't spent deep listening with the new one, but from a distance it made me want to dance. But it's okay not to dance, too. But it's not okay to not have fun!

Download: Mediafire

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Excepter - Throne (2004)

And one more to end my posting for the day. Sorry I'm not my usual descriptive self. Work really has me tired. Enjoy!

Download: Mediafire

Excepter. x3

more from the noise (?) group. i have a couple more cd's that i haven't put into my itunes yet. i'll work on it.

Excepter - Self-Destruction. Download: Mediafire

Excepter - Streams 01. Download: Mediafire

Excepter - Obedience Cassette. Download: Mediafire

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Excepter - Alternation (2006)

Someone asked for more Excepter a while back. I hope yr happy now.

Download: Mediafire

Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele (2000)

The album that single handedly resurrected the Wu-Tang Clan, this is the most abstract - and arguably best - of Ghostface's solo albums. RZA got back to somewhere between better than good and great, and Ghost, fresh out the Pen, was hungrier than ever. This is the album MF Doom wishes he could make. Haha.

Download: Mediafire

Blonde Redhead - Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons (2000)

You want the sound that lies on the equator of Portishead and Sonic Youth? Here you go.

Download: Mediafire