Thursday, November 20, 2008


man, what's it been? three months?

here's what's up. i am working on an album of my own with my guy from remembertohaveagoodtime aka realtalk aka its okay not to dance, as well as a mixtape of sorts. alot of our old material and rhyming over other people's beats and whatnot.

that and i am working to start a new blog with said homey and my main internet dude gonzo from sunflowerchakramilk... really it should be called a superblog with that sort of name. which would eliminate these long pauses between posts, because all three of us would be posting.

in the meantime, i made the funniest and most fun track of my music making career (?) tonight. t-pain's can't believe it, but i made it a song about a certain actress. the song is called "My Penis Say Yeah" and it's a not-mutually-inclusive piece of the mixtape, so, yeah. it's funny. not serious. the autotuner is the greatest thing ever. hahahaha

My Penis Say Yeah. Download: Mediafire