Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cage - Movies For The Blind (2002)

One could, if so inclined, write pages about Cage's life and music. He was boys with KMD (MF Doom's first group) in the late 80's, and was the last person to see Sub Roc alive, before his tragic death. He made the freestyle rounds on the Stretch and Bobbitto show back in the day on New York radio, had a page in the source with toothpicks in his mouth during the short period when horror core was almost cool (Flatlinerz, anyone?), got really high on dust, fell out with High & Mighty, signed with Def Jux, and made a classic album with Hell's Winter. This is before Def Jux, when he was with Eastern Conference, doing drugs, and making horror-core raps. Damn fine rapper.

Download: Mediafire


Anonymous said...

thumbs up to cage

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