Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pretty Girls Make Graves - Elan Vital (2006)

If Mars Volta were more straight up, industrial pop, with female vocalists singing about women's rights? Not sure why, but sometimes I seem to get drawn into feminazi records (Le Tigre, Fiona Apple... no PJ Harvey, though. yuck). It's good shit. I know you're going to like it, and it's only the first song... 5 points if someone gets the reference.

Download: Mediafire


merrmaid27 said...

pj harvey, yuck? well thats not very nice...
i used to not be so sure about her either, then i heard
'stories of the city, stories of the sea.'
give it a shot if you havent already.

shilzzzzzzz said...

i said it in jest to keep my manly image abreast, but alas. i am always up to listen to something new. am dling now. thanks mermaid!

merrmaid27 said...

very welcome. curious to hear what you think - even if its still yuck.