Saturday, March 22, 2008

A few more recent releases/leaks for today

My upload speeds are through the roof today, so I figured I'd keep posting for a bit.

Shocking Pinks - Self Titled . Download: Mediafire

Couldn't find artwork for this anywhere, but it's the new Silver Jews leak, and it's quite enjoyable.

Silver Jews - Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea . Download: Mediafire

This has been getting a lot of hype, but I don't get it. Spent some time with the record, and it didn't win me over, but so many people are in love with it, that maybe you can get a piece of this ass, too.

Guillemots - Red . Download: Mediafire

People have said this sounds like Animal Collective with Patrick Wolf singing. Eh, not really. And I'm tired of Animal Collective comparisons. But the guitar work is a tad reminiscent of Sung Tongs. It's enjoyable, internet fan-boys not included.

The Dodos - Visiter . Download: Mediafire

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