Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our Brother The Native - Make Amends For We Are Merely Vessels (2008)

This shit is haunting. The album somehow is able to be musically serene and beautiful, while the vocals are ghostly. If Grizzly Bear's 'Yellow House' was like a visit to the grandparents place, this is a visit to your dead grandparents place, and your grandparents are haunting it - and, as ghosts, they aren't very nice how they speak to you, but what they speak to you is beautiful.

Lyrics from 'As They Fell Beneath Us': we're all that's left./ and all of this is out of my hands/ so until the end we'll all be guessing each others movements./ i wish i knew a way./ but my darling we are truly lost... because in an absolute moment of truth we are no one.

High bit rate, and the album is much longer than yr average, so I had to break it up again. :(

Download: Rapidshare Songs 1-4 | Songs 5-8

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bodo said...

Well I'm listening to your baby. Still on track one. Wasn't expecting grandad to start screaming at me like this. What did I do wrong?