Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ramona Cordova - The Boy Who Floated Freely (2005)

Hopefully my homeboy over at It's Okay Not To Dance hasn't posted this in a while, because he got pissed at me for posting The Cool Kids after he had (no-homo haha), and he was the one who hipped me to this (after much fighting from me, I must say). Keeping with the theme of honest music, Ramona Cordova takes second only to Panda Bear in that department. He often doesn't hit the notes, but it's okay because you know it's right. This is a themed album about, in the end, wanting to fly away. It's nice, but not necessarily pretty. Like an innocent child playing in the dirt, giggling to himself.

Download: Mediafire

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Yesoos said...

i DID have this on my blog.... but they (the white people that own things) asked me to take it down.
i hope they don't get you too.

this is a great album and i hope people listen to it... and if hey can find it on compact disc, purchase it.

very VERY nice post Shilzzz