Friday, March 14, 2008

Steve Burns - Songs For Dustmites (2003)

Iirc, the story goes something like this: Steve Burns was the o.g. guy on Nickelodeon kids show "Blues Clues." One day, he just stops doing the show, which led to much speculation of attempted suicide, heroin addiction, or other heinous acts. What actually happened, as Burns recalls, was he heard The Flaming Lips' "Soft Bulletin" and had found his calling. He dropped the show, and searched in vain to find FLips drummer Steven Drozd. He did, and they made an album together. Save a couple songs, it's a Flaming Lips album with the guy from Blues Clues singing. My friend over at It's okay not to dance hates it, I love it.

Download: Rapidshare


Yesoos said...

i hate this.

Minjie.Meiji.Chocobawang said...
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Isaac said...

Yo man i've been looking for this album too, but when i went to extract it, it gave me an error.

Help plz!!!!!!