Friday, March 14, 2008

Animal Collective - Live In Amsterdam 10/23/07

It's no secret that the guys from AC love to get fugged up. Panda Bear sang on Strawberry Jam that all I want is the time/ to do one thing that I like/ I want to get so stoned/ and take a walk out in the light drizzle/ at the end of the day/ when there's no one watching. So it should come as no surprise then that their best live recording comes from a show they played last year in Amsterdam. Their live version of "Who Could Win A Rabbit" kills me everytime, and the version of "Fireworks" combined with "Essplode" here is insane. Recording quality is as good as it gets for a live show. Must have had it mic'd up all over the place. Can't get enough of these guys.

Set is long, at a high bit rate, and is thusly broken up.

Download: Rapidshare Tracks 1-8 | 9-15

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