Friday, March 7, 2008

Non-Prophets - Hope (2004)

I grew up on hip hop. As a kid, I would draw "CPT" into the dirt of the alley behind our house. A friend and I bought fitted black hats and got them customized with "Compton" in old english on the front, in salute to Eazy-E. Then I got smart and started listening to people like Hiero, Wu-Tang, EPMD, KRS, etc. Along the way, white rappers became okay again; then Sage Francis - one of the best lyricists of all time without question (if you feel otherwise you aren't listening, Human the Death Dance not included) - dropped this: his hip-hop book report. The album I wish I would have made. Joe Beats kills this shit, too. Rap albums should be a rapper with one producer, it always sounds better. Check the rhyme: "as petty as it is/ Das EFX rocked that band aid 10 years before Nelly did." hahahaha

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