Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cadence Weapon - Afterparty Babies (2008)

Epitaph Record Exec: "So, we are currently trying to gain a niche in the underground hip-hop market by signing exciting new artists. We heard your last album, Breaking Kayfabe, and think you're pretty, uh, dope."
Cadence Weapon: "Thank you, but, um, so, Epitaph has rappers?"
Epitaph: "Yes. Sage Francis, Atmosphere, ..."
Cadence Weapon: "So you are looking for a black rapper?"
Epitaph: "We heard you sound somewhere between MF Doom and Beans. You are black... right?"
Cadence: "Half."
Epitaph: "Um..."
Cadence: "I used to write for Pitchfork, though"
Epitaph: "Let me find you a pen"

Bit rate is 320, so I had to break it up. Sorry.

Download: Rapidshare: First half | Second half

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