Friday, April 18, 2008

Poor Righteous Teachers - New World Order (1996)

The 90's version of dead prez? While they were politically militant and anti-whitey, PRT probably resided somewhere between KRS-One (who appeared on this album) and dp. This is a highly underrated record, one that finds a reggae-tinged boom bap sound clashing against lyrics which revolve around the illuminati, Bush the first, and the horrors of crack cocaine. Plus the cover art is dope. If you find a physical copy of it (oop as far as I know), you will be delighted by the suggested reading of PRT, which includes Holy Blood, Holy Grail and Behold A Pale Horse.

Download: Mediafire

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Anonymous said...

Does supporting the work of racists necessarily make you a racist? No, but it doesn't help.

Thanks anyway.