Thursday, April 10, 2008

Panda Bear - Self Titled (1st Album)

Someone asked for this, albeit a while ago. Like Shaq I stand & deliver. Not sure why, but the file was like 120 mb, so it's split down the middle like butts.

Download: Mediafire Part 1 | Part 2


Carlos said...

Wow man, a big thanks to you. You earned yeself a follower. I plan on downloading EVERYTHING from this website.

Here, have a cookie (::)

Andy said...

Thanks so much for this impossible-to-find record, however, you do seem to be missing track # 4.
thanks again!!!

bertlanerd said...

I know this is sometime later than the last post but, anyway you can post track 04 Ohne Titel?

Thanks so much for the rest of the album.