Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lewis & Clarke - Blasts Of Holy Birth (2007)

Sometimes stuff gets overlooked or skimmed over as a result of the mass amount of music coming out, and this is one of those small, Rawandan tragedies. Blasts of Holy Birth is not only a super sweet title for an album, it actually kind of describes the sound. Bit rate is 320, so it's broken like my emo little heart.

Download: Mediafire Part 1 | Part 2


Alicia said...

"small, Rawandan tragedies"
please don't use this phrase again. it's offensive and belittling, and it makes you seem ignorant, self-important, and poor at spelling.
thanks for alerting me to this band though.

Shilzzz said...

ok, the quote that you referenced was actually something from the tv show Wonder Showzen which was used as.... you'd really have to see the tv show, but it was making fun of a guy who didn't know what Rwanda is, let alone what's going on there... I personally do not consider these things unimportant. but thank you for being assumptive!

jacksbrain said...

my ****** god! I was looking for this album since I lost it 2 years ago! It's very special to me. Thanks!!! I couldn't find it anywhere