Friday, April 18, 2008

Gravediggaz - 6 Feet Deep (1997)

Horror core classic? I suppose. But this was not horror core so much as a well disguised effort in teaching 5% mathematics to a larger audience. Prince Paul and RZA combine during the height of their careers (I guess one could feasibly argue that Prince Paul plateau-d in the early 90's flower era, but regardless) to make a sonically twisted palate, while the raps keep the listener listening. 1-800 Suicide, which was undoubtedly grounds for reactionary lawsuits by parents, was not so much advocating suicide as it was wondering what the fuck is wrong with rich white kids, who, if they can't realize the opportunity they were born with, may as well kill themselves instead of bitching about it to some poor black kids raised backs against the wall. This sort of ideology is what makes this a classic - as relevant now as it was 11 years ago. 

Can't say enough about this. If you listen closely you will see the genius of the lyrics here. 

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bodo said...

FINALLY, something I can relate too.

shilzzzzzzz said...

yr a funny guy, bodo.

wu fru de lu said...

hey this album came out in 1994. thanks anyways. but yeah, 1994, edit please.