Monday, April 14, 2008

Death Cab For Cutie

I know, I know. Trust me. How is it possible to like Death Cab and Pocahaunted equally? Like a 12 year old girl, IDK. Do they kind of come across as pretentious? Maybe. Are they really talented or musically revelatory? No. Did Postal Service in hindsight sound like the soundtrack to gay rodeo? Yeah. Did Chris Walla's solo album suck? Absolutely. Regardless, there is, imo, a time and place for good pop music, and essentially DCfC is mindless pop. But I'll be damned if those melodies aren't catchy as hell, and pull me into the emotion. Really, I'm just posting this to make up for acting like I had the leak or something (it's still only the fake being bandied about the internet).

The Photo Album. Download: Mediafire

You Can Play These Songs With Chords. Download: Mediafire

Something About Airplanes. Download: Mediafire

Stability EP. Download: Mediafire

Transatlanticism. Download: Mediafire

We Have The Facts And We're Voting Yes. Download: Mediafire

Plans. Download: Mediafire

The John Byrd EP. Download: Mediafire


bodo said...

OMGZ thx U ROXRS !! ! !

jessalyn said...

Transatlanticism was pretty much the defining album of my sad teenage years, which were not that long ago.

Dennis said...

"transatlanticism" is an amazing album but i think "photo album" holds up the most for me. the new is going to destroy everything in it's path!

Modest Matt said...

Dude, thanks so much! i've been searching for Something About Aeroplanes for ages! and the EP's are an extra bonus.
Thanks again!