Thursday, April 10, 2008

DJ Shadow v. Avalanche

There is an argument taking place over on atease about who had the better sample-based album, The Avalanches 'Since I Left You' or DJ Shadow's 'Endtroducing.....' Well, since I already posted Endtroducing..... here, figured I'd up 'Private Press' instead, and let you decide for yrself.

The Avalanches - Since I Left You . Download: Mediafire

DJ Shadow - The Private Press . Download: Mediafire


Yesoos said...

shadow wins always

Joe said...


Patrick said...

shadow FTW, even though the Avalanches are amazing.

Paul said...

ha, Shadow by a landslide.

SILY is fun, but Endtroducing is engrossing.

Philip said...

The Avalanches for sure, DJ Shadow is great but Since I Left You is made from around 3500 samples and if you look at some of the originals they did a lot of work on most of them. It's an incredible album, one of the best out there.