Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Flight Of The Conchords - Self-Titled (2008)

HBO has been good to us. Real good to us. I mean, Curb Your Enthusiasm is the second best tv show of all time (Wonder Showzen represent), and Real Sex basically got me through middle school, when my dad was ripping off cable from the pole (like father, like son I suppose). And they gave us Flight Of The Conchords. You already know the deal, and now you have their long player.

Download: Mediafire


Justin Longoz said...

wonder showzen has to be the worst show ever made. if you like, i could film myself beating off in front of nuns while being racist. actually, that might be pretty funny. the point is that the show is in bad taste... most of the time. fuck! i still don't fully know what to think about that show!

shilzzzzzzz said...

we could probably get into a looooong conversation discussing the pros and cons of wonder showzen, but it's the beating off in front of nuns while being racist that makes it work, and makes lay-people (re)think about what they are brought up to believe. in my humble opinion, it's the most intelligent assault on american culture to have ever been paid for by advertising dollars.

dcsicksicksicks said...

Agreed Shilzzzzzzz... and once again, thanks for re-posting the "Feels" Bonus Disc for me!