Monday, August 11, 2008

Various Artists - Soundbombing II

Oh shit! I talked about the RA The Rugged Man song from this a couple days back, but this thing is filled with so many hits it's unbelievable, plus it was mixed by fucking Babu and J Rocc, who were legends back then. I can not stress how classic this is!

The Eminem song was fire (Last night I od'd on rush, mushrooms and dust/then got rushed/to the hospital to get my system flushed/shucks!... give me 11 excederin my head will spin/medicine will get me revin like a 747 jet engine), Common had the banger 1999, Mos Def and the High & Mighty + Mad Skillz teamed up for B-Boy Document, Pharaoe Monche did Mayor - which was about assassinating Rudolph Guiliani!, Talib Kweli, Bahamadia, Sadat X... El-P and Company Flow with what is arguably the best song that group ever did in America. Whew! 

Since underground rap music could get no better than this, it immediately fell off completely, with Rawkus trying to capitalize on it's new found fanbase (bro's), Eminem hitting mainstream status, Mos Def deciding to never actually write a decent song, and El-P leaving Company Flow to start the overrated Def Jux (they had a few nice albums, but let's be honest). Classic material.

Download: Mediafire

Note about this: whenever I put compilations into my iTunes, I make the artist Various Artists. You may not like it, but that's how it's listed. Actual artist credits are in the song titles.


Guillermo said...

this is the better SB.

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