Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Charles Mingus - Mingus Plays Piano

Been listening to 'nuff Mingus lately. Used to have a really hard time getting into jazz, until I realized that bands like Pocahaunted and Raccoo-ooo-oon are doing the same stuff with different instruments. The subtitle to this, 'Spontaneous Compositions and Improvisations,' probably doesn't give Mingus his due, as far as being a calculated musician goes. Like Sun Ra, Charles had a knack for being so good at writing jazz music that it seemed impossible to be anything other than "spontaneous." If you aren't, you had better recognize like it looks familiar.

Download: Mediafire


rory said...

is there any chance of a reup for this one?

i'm currently writing a paper on the lyrical works of charles mingus

peskypesky said...

this is a sweet album. i came across it several years ago and was really surprised at how much i dug Mingus' piano-playing.