Monday, August 11, 2008

Ol' Dirty Bastard - Return To The 36 Chambers

Why do they call him the Ol Dirty Bastard? Because there's no father to his style.

Busta Rhymes (who had been around forever, even before this dropped, with Leaders Of The New School... who were a relatively unknown part of the Native Tongues) commented that he never quite understood how to make an album with his wild rhyming style until he heard this. He would subsequently release a string of platinum albums. 

That was not what ODB was after. He was after some blood. Whether it was period blood, or bustin' yr fucking ass, some blood. RZA really contured beats to snugly fit Osirus' obtuse style, and Big Baby Jesus did whatever he wanted. Probably one of the most true to himself artists that American music has seen, whether you like it or not.

Download: Mediafire


post-paranoia said...

oh, god, i love this album. thanks for reminding me of listening to it again.

bad bad lee roy brown said...

like a salamandaaah
bitin like a piranhaaah

da ol dirty is back!!!

dakine said...

brooklyn zoo, shame o you
da greatest! luv diz shit!

buy generic viagra said...

It would quite funny that someone signs like that. I think that I won't stop laughing about it.

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