Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Grateful Dead - Live Dead

The Grateful Dead are quite possibly the main reason I hated high school. The kids there were all gung ho about this band and they were all dicks to me, so I never gave them a shot. After hearing in different interviews how much Animal Collective loved the Dead, and watching the episode of Freaks and Geeks where the girl gets into American Beauty, I figured to give it a shot. It was okay, but not heavy rotation. Tried Workingman's Blues, to the same effect.

But yesterday I was reading another article on P4K (I know some people hate that site, but while the reviews are pretentious, there is a lot of good to be had over there), they started talking about the acid rock they did. Hell, I just thought they were acoustic folk-sters. This shit is amazing. That half-hour long Dark Star kicks my ass. Listened to it several times yesterday, and half-way through caught myself each time thinking, 'this is the shit... who am I listening to.' If you like long, exploratory improv pieces of the psych-nature, this is for you.

Download: Mediafire Part 1 | Part 2


corey said...

if you like this and want to go deeper into the dead
try live stuff from 67 - 77 with standout years for me being - 71,72,74,77

also check out greyfolded an amazing sound experiment that combines "dark stars"

greyfolded (dark star comp) - disc 1 - transitive axis -
try it you will like it

greyfolded disc 2 – mirror ashes - http://www.sendspace.com/file/uzrdxz

corey said...

oops above links are dead - but check out every Grateful Dead release


hope you find out how great this band is. don't judge them on the stereotype hippie

Anonymous said...

Check out Anthem of the Sun. The most psychedelic of the studio albums, and one of my favs!

And do yourself a favor and delve into some phish. I know there's tons of it, and I'm not trying to compare them to the dead, but if your opening yourself up to the "JAM", why not expose yourself to the creme de la creme (along with the dead). The dead are the fathers of the acid exploration. The dead invented acid exploration. Phish introduced the post modern and the electronic into it. Try to track down a copy of the phish tower jam...

Yeah, thats them in the middle of the night, on top of an air control tower, on a decomissoned air force base, making the sounds of the machine that turns time...did I mention the people repelling?

blogologist said...

try morning dew from this show:


Anonymous said...

Just ignore studio stuff almost entirely with the Dead, and just listen to good live shows (soundboards are easily found on torrent trackers)

Michael said...

Best version of St. Stephen I've heard.

Anonymous said...

just a few to check out:

start with track 3


the longs songs

the longs songs



Anonymous said...

also the Blues for Allah studio recording is good, as is Garcia the 1972 solo album

Anonymous said...

fuckin' great

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