Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lichens - The Psychic Nature Of Being

That sure as fuck isn't the album cover on the vinyl copy I just copped, but wtf ever.

Dude is from Chi-city, is a part of 90 Day Men and has recorded with TV On The Radio. This is nothing like TVOTR, however. The write-up that Reckless did on this says "...it's three improvised tracks of psychedelic folk mantra/raga drone aktion. Culling the spirits of La Monte Young, Meredith Monk and John Fahey (I have no idea who those people are). It's a tour de force (I hate that phrase) of twilight meditation and eternal reflection. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (they probably just say that to get you to buy it)."

Well worth my 16 duckets.

Download: Mediafire


Jonathan The Lovable said...

LaMonte Young's one of the fathers of drone minimalism -- he did the Dream Theatre with John Cale and Lou Reed, who went on to form the Velvet Underground. Meredith Monk's another minimalist composer, who I guess is best known for repetitive vocalizations ("baa baa baa baa baa" and stuff like that). John Fahey's a folk singer guy.

Ryan McGreer said...

john fahey is a really amazing folk guitar player who pretty much invented the really intricate style of psychadelic finger picked folk that has resurged over the last couple of years (i.e. six organs of admittance.) not a folk singer. based on your tastes, fahey is someone you definitely need to check out

Ethan said...

Wait a second, you don't know who La Monte Yong is?

Holy shit, man, you better get on that.

bobbysu said...

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