Monday, August 11, 2008

Curtis Mayfield - Curtis

In light of the news about Isaac Hayes, I should have posted Black Moses or something, but this had been in rotation. 

Most good Soul music from the era this was released gets critiqued against Marvin Gaye, so I'll offer this: Curtis is like the illegitimate step-son of Let's Get It On and What's Going On. Somewhat political, somewhat gettin da ladies, Mayfield finds himself on the high note of his solo career here (imo, it's better than the Superfly stuff, though I love that too). And yes, Move On Up was the song sampled by Just Blaze for Kanye West's Touch The Sky.

Download: Mediafire


Anonymous said...

Nice, though Mayfield doesn't get enough credit: He did socially conscious, political songs back in the 60's with the Impressions ("Keep On Pushing", "We're A Winner", "We're Rolling On"...) before Marvin G got on it with "What's Going On". Hell, the Curtis album came out the year before "What's Going On". Wish more people knew.

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