Monday, July 7, 2008

Nas - Untitled (2008)

Hey, Nas... stop ripping me off! Seriously, my homie and I did a song once called 'Kill Yr Television.' It was pretty good. Nas did a song called 'Sly Fox,' and it's basically the same thing. I had a phrase that said something about 'start to think outside the idiot box/ five big bad wolves got the cinema locked...' to which Nas says something about 'locked by the idiot box.' Am I stretching? Nah. The beat trudges along like the one on our song too. Not sure if it's still up on our myspace page or not, but if not, I'll probably have to upload it.

Anyhow, I'm proud of Nas, 'Sly Fox' notwithstanding. This, not Stillmatic, is his best work since that classic debut so long ago. He is ALWAYS better when he gets political, and that's what we have here. He is working with more commercially viable producers also, which may sound like a bad combo, but Nas' weakness was always choosing beats that fit his style (post Illmatic of course). He did well here.

Download: Mediafire