Monday, July 7, 2008

DJ Screw - Codiene Fiend (1995)

This is the guy, from Houston, that started the 'chopped and screwed' slowed-down-for-syzzurp-drinkers remixes that is wildly popular. Purple drank is Codeine and some other crap that's basically drinkable liquid heroin. This is the only mix of his I've found, and it's just an interesting mixtape of many of the best songs from '95, including 'All I Need' by Method Man, the good version of 'One More Chance' by BIG, and many others. I guess yr supposed to get fucked the fuck up and listen to this, but it's relevant either way.

Download: Mediafire


Anonymous said...

holy carappa!
that means i gotta ges' fucked 2 listan to this shizz???

nattymari said...

I have tons of original DJ Screw tapes if you're interested in hearing more. Not nearly his best work.

Try to get a hold of "Southside Still Holding" or "Two Liters"... personal faves of mine. "Hellraiser" is nice too.

Nice blog... I have a mixed audioblog - and will be sure to be using some of your finds as material for my neverending quest for grooviness.

nattymari said...

southside still holdin

listen to all of side 2 (the wanna be a baller side)

2 liters

pt 1

pt 2

listen to the entire first side (freestyle over Mad CJ Mac beat.)

june 27

side two begins with the classic freestyle over "Streets and Safe"

Anonymous said...

does n e 1 have dj screw album eternal? email me at