Monday, July 14, 2008

Le Tigre x3

Someone asked for more Le Tigre, and how could I refuse? Basically it's lo-fi-pseudo-dance music for feminists. They used drum machines, guitars, and synths, I think. They peaked on their self-titled debut, and everything else was good, but not great. They quickly defused, as the main singer chick could never keep a band going for very long.

From The Desk of Mr. Lady EP. Download: Mediafire

Feminist Sweepstakes. Download: Mediafire

Self-Titled. Download: Mediafire


Nino said...

damn. they took it down already. i've been looking for that 1st le tigre album forever!! anyway way i can get it off you?

Anonymous said...

could you PLEASE re=post on megauplaod?

Anonymous said...

please re-up!

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