Wednesday, July 9, 2008

demos again.

got some music coming shortly, but in the mean time, allow me to reintroduce myself...

i posted something a couple months back about accepting demos for artists that think they can keep up with the type of material i believe in enough to post at this hurr goldenhymn blog, and that, if they did in fact live up to, or at least have the potential of these acts, i would post a link to yr music to be downloaded and give more exposure to the people in the underground doing their little thug thizzle.

gutz, are you tough enough?

email me : somanywheelchairs(at)gmail(dot)com

if you have emailed me in the past (there were many of you, some of whom i got a chance to respond to), i will be going back through a good portion of yr work soon. my hope is to feature one artist/group per time on a designated day each week. DO NOT put a link or tell me of yr interest in a comment to this post. if you aren't an artist and think it's a cool idea, or have a funny phrase you think i should name the section, please, feel free to comment here. IF YOU ARE AN ARTIST and don't email me directly you are an idiot and automatically disqualified because you didn't pay attention past the first paragraph. sorry to be a dick, but really, i'm not being a dick. :)

hope to hear yr music. truly and honestly.

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N A M E S A K E said...

dick. sorry, joking.