Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shpilberg - Gold Fish


So I deal with this guy on this website who runs DNT Records, and he supplies me with most of the sweet underground psych drone tapes/cds/records that I buy. You can check it out here. I place pretty big orders on a regular basis, and sometimes I end up with stuff that I didn't order because he's awesome, he responds quickly, and the prices on his merch is so far beyond fair it's ridiculous. 

Well my latest order came through yesterday, and I had no clue wtf this was, but the cover art was so awesome it was the first thing I listened to (the artwork is in a jpg on my desktop, but blogger was taking so long to up it, I said fuck it). 

Well I have been schooled in the art of drums because the guy I do music with is obsessed with good drum sounds, and hardly anyone does it right (see Axelrod, DJ Shadow, jazz drummers). Most people just want to bang on the drums and have no sense of anything. 

Well most of these sorts of albums don't really focus on drums. But holy shiznite! The drummer on this MURDERS! Plus the rest of the sounds are pretty brilliant. But damn that drummer has got it on lock. I am trying to get ahold of these guys because only has 14 scrobbles by one user for this band, so we can solve the conundrum of who these people are. Anyhow, this one gets on of my more pleasant suprise highly recommended seal of approvals.

Download: Mediafire


Anonymous said...

artwork please.

i'm too pedantic. :(

thanks though!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks !

keep in touch :

Adi said...

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